Is there anyone with experience to help me process?

Hi there,
I found out in the past month that I have severe dysplasia - grade 3 which is right below a cancer diagnosis (close enough for me to consider it cancer).  I am having surgery in a week to have a procedure called a "cone biopsy".  Is there anyone who has had this done before?  If you have, what is the recovery process like?  Is it something that has come back after surgery?  Any further information anyone can give me about their experiences?  I am a Leukemia cancer patient and this is almost like a second cancer diagnosis for me, which has broken me in some ways.

Thank you for reading this and offering any advice you can in advance.


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  • Hello, If you will be receiving any form of chemotherapy then I would recommend only eating small salty foods such as crackers as methotrexate can damage your liver and induce vomiting, I would also recommend picking up a calcium supplement as it will be hard for your body to keep up with the bone thinning that is caused my many form of chemotherapy. Finally I would not recommend that you do any heavy lifting following at least a year after your last chemo round as most form of chemotherapy will cause difficulty with your body's ability to perform a valsalva maneuver in which your heart will be under high strain. I would also recommend that you dring plenty of fluids and surround your self with those who can help you the most.

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