R-Chop and Hair Loss

I was just diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) a few weeks ago due to an huge lymph node popping up in my armpit. I am thankful that this happened or I may not have known for I was so sick. I am Stage IV now because my bone marrow biopsy came back positive. I had my first R-CHOP two days ago. I felt pretty good today. A week ago I had half of my hair cut off. It was pretty long so went to the shoulder to get used to shorter hair. Now I will only have to lose half as much. I thought this was funny but everyone I joked about it with either gave a funny look or just ignored my comment. I am staying positive and am going to kick this cancer's ass! I am 63, a mother of 5 and have 2 grandson's. I plan on being here to meet the rest of them, which may be years, to be born. I am wondering if everyone with this type of treatment loses their hair and how long will it take to start? I will be getting chemo every 21 days until May. I feel it will happen and I will deal with it okay. I do have a lot of thick hair but I don't imagine this matters much. Thank you!