Any Nasalpharnygeal cancer survivors out there? If so, what kind of treatments did you get?

I am researching about this cancer because my dear sister was diagnosed with stage 4 around Thanksgiving of 2015. The tumor is the size of a baseball. She immediately started chemo and did 6 rounds. The chemo was not effective at all. The cancer spread to her liver & pelvic. She is currently getting immunotherapy and there's little progress. The tumor is contained but her liver is what's causing her the most problems right now. She has cysts all over her liver, 30+ cysts, thus causing her to look like she's 4 months pregnant. The doctor drained 5 of the largest cysts early December 2016. Just this past Friday, January 27th, one of her cysts ruptured and she was rushed to the hospital. It was a life and death situation, luckily she pulled through. She also has fluid in her lungs that has to be drained out periodically. This is the first time any of us has dealt with cancer. She's only 36 and have so much more to live for. Any advices or help would be greatly appreciated.

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