An open letter to Cancer

LindseyMaraLindseyMara Community Member
An open letter to Cancer;
   You have stolen many people from their loved ones. You have devestated whole families, crushed them, broken them. Cancer is not just a disease that effects the patient, everyone that loves and cares for them is effected too. How sneaky you are, with symptoms so trivial, until it is too late. FUCK YOU CANCER. Fuck you and your torment, your long drawn out suffering. Fuck you cancer; you are a darkness that is overwhelming, all consuming, and impenetrable by light. Fuck you cancer and your ability to make the strong, weak. The believer, doubt. You make the worthy, question "what did I do to deserve this HELL?" You crush, you invade, and penetrate every ounce of life. You make the joyful, sad. The gentle, angry, you make the great, fall. How dare you take the soul before the body. How dare you destory the person from within. FUCK YOU CANCER! WE WILL WIN. WE WILL SURVIVE. WE WILL NOT JUST LIVE WE. WILL. THRIVE.