People feeling like one cancer is more important than another

My Mother has stage 4 colon cancer. I created a shirt to raise funds to help with her medical expenses. The shirt says "Not All Cancer is Pink" is with blue ribbon behind it.

Her best friend messages me and said I feel like you are slamming breast cancer and I will not buy this. I am like the problem is people only think about breast cancer. When I tell people my mom has cancer they always assume it is breast cancer. Not every woman with cancer has breast cancer.

I thought it was a fun and cute idea to maybe raise a little awareness about another cancer.

I am super annoyed with this. All cancer's are important it wasn't meant to slam something.

What are yalls thoughts?


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  • A couple thoughts...

    First, I applaud you for raising awareness of all cancers--not just breast cancer.

    Second, are you sure your mother's friend is her best friend? It seems like a best friend should be more concerned about her friend (your mother), helping her raise funds and fight cancer instead of criticizing the shirt.

    Now maybe the best friend has one or more other friends with breast cancer so she's equally-defending all cancers, supporting your argument... but I doubt it.

    Anyone who has been treated for cancer, or a loved one very close to someone who has, understands that cancer is cancer, and all are important like you said.

    I'm sorry your mother's friend will not support your mother. A true friend should support their friend regardless of what a t-shirt says.