Ovary-less sister searching

Hi cancer world, I've never attempted to involve myself or reach out till now. I don't personally know anyone that has had cancer, so it's time for me to reach out because I feel like I'm on a weird cancer island that no one I know can understand or relate to.

I'm 23 years old, and was diagnosed with a more rare type of ovarian cancer, being an immature/mature teratoma. Luckily, it has been contained within my pelvis. Unluckily, it grew so large so quickly that it ruptured and spread to my other ovary. This resulted in 2 surgeries, and no more ovaries.

I managed to freeze 9 eggs before the 2nd ovary was taken out, and I still have my uterus. This means I can potentially have children, but from what I've been reading those odds seem disappointingly slim. I'm also swimming in a mound of debt because the procedure for women is SO SO SO SOOOOO expensive (isn't it crazy that insurance will deem a wig as necessary coverage, but they won't offer any help for fertility preservation?!?!???). And because of this debt, my extremely painful (rotting) wisdom teeth can't be taken out, and I don't have the funds to see a shrink (which I desperately need) on top of lots of other fun things. I'm also trying to figure out how to manage my hormones, since I no longer produce estrogen (yay depression).

I just want to know if there's any other women out there that are dealing with this bs. Are you having a rough time getting your hormones straight? Are you swimming in debt? Do you think about the daughter you'll never have? Are you randomly crying on the freeway in the middle of the day?

I mean that all jokingly, but seriously. Does that make sense?

My cancer is something I never bring up to people, and I won't complain about it with the people that know (unless I'm joking about it). But sometimes I just want to scream and vent about it, so I'd love to hear anyone else vent and scream about it. I think that helps us all feel more human.

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