Out to eat

I know what he is starring at; it's obvious. When I struggle walking out of the restaurant with my family. My right arm and leg are paralyzed. I can't blame him for being curious though, but I wish he would just ask me and not stare.


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  • I was diagnosed with Leukemia 4 months before my 18th b-day. When I turned 18 I needed a bank account for my disability crap. I went in filled out some paperwork for a bank account and they said they couldn't help. Come to find out the assumed I was a skinhead because I was bald. After my hair grew back I looked pretty normal which led to people getting super angry when I would park in a handicap spot. My senior pics were terrible I looked like a vampire with ghostly thin white skin. My younger brother heard a kid making fun of my yearbook pic and almost killed the kid. We live a society that judges, but we also live in society that lets us wear our struggles as a badge of honor.

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