Brain Cancer

Hi, I'm Maurissa and I'm 20 years old. When I was 7 years old my whole life changed forever. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They didn't know it was cancerous until it burst. The brain tumor was on my brain stem. Even though I'm in remission I have some long term effects of my brain tumor. I have a permanently paralyzed right arm and leg.


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  • Hi Maurissa, my name is Corey and I am 30 years old. I had a cancerous brain tumor removed from my brain stem when I was 14 years old. It also changed my life forever.
    The surgery, itself, messed up my balance, which is still not where it use to be pre-surgery but is better and has improved vastly , and also the coordination in my left hand. I also had chemo therapy and radiation which had permanent effects on me, too.
    The radiation killed a lot of hair follicles on head so it left me bald. It also did some neurological damage. My pituitary gland was damaged by the radiation along with my thyroid gland. The only permanent side effect that of chemo therapy that I had is damaged my hearing.
    I've been in remission since all that happened, but I did find it hard to adjust to the version of me that came out of all those treatments for the brain tumor.
    I am sorry to hear that the brain tumor permanently paralyzed your right arm in leg, but I'm glad to hear that you are in remission.
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    hi, I was also 14 when I had my hemorrhage. I had a brain tumor growing in my cerebellum for years before it hemorrhaged. Now i have learning disabilities, balance problems, double vision and I had a hemorrhagic stroke when i was in a coma so now the right side of my body is weaker than the left. This all happened about 3 years ago but I just started thinking about it last summer. I was so positive for 2 years afterwards but then the positivity stopped. I started to realize this is my new reality and i didn't want it to be. My balance has improved a lot but it's still nowhere near where it should be. There's still some tumor near my brain stem that they weren't able to remove from the surgery i had 2 years ago when the tumor grew a cyst. I am lucky that i never had to have chemo or radiation.
  • laura,
    I ,too, had hopes of returning to somewhat of a "normal" life after my surgery, but after about 7 years I realized those hopes weren't going to happen and that it wasn't things weren't going to get much better than they were at that point. So I had to acccept and adjust to my "new normal".
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    I'm really trying to accept my new normal but its kind of a sucky normal campared to what life was like before. Don't get me wrong life wasn't perfect before but it sure as hell was better than now. I'm sure i'll get there eventually it'll just take time.
  • I understand what you're saying. I went though that phase, too.
  • Hi Laura, Corey and Maurissa. I too had a cancerous brain tumor adjacent to the brain stem on the right side of my head. The first time I had it I was 10 years old and they caught it because I was unstable and started to have breathing issues. The second time I was 14 and it was more aggressive and after the surgery, I needed 6 weeks of radiation and then 8 months of chemo. So I don’t have any hair either and there has been quite a few side effects I have faced. I completely agree with all of your comments, and I applaud you for how you have dealt with everything Adjusting and accepting to the “new normal” is not easy. I really am glad to have found this topic, although it sucks to hear there are others who have had to go through treatment for a brain tumor. This reminds me that we are not alone, and reading these comments have helped me stay strong.
    God bless and warm regards,
    Allyson, 27 years old
  • Hi Allison, i would like to know which was your chemo treatment??? Oral?? I began the last Month chemo And radioterapy And in 28 days Will begin just chemo. My Brain tumor is astrocytoma type 3
  • I am so glad that I’m nit alone in this world. I myself have gone through quite a bit and luckily today my Brian tumor is gone but I still have balance issues and short term memory impairment
    I’ve had radiation and chemo.

    But the hardest part of my life currently is finding a girl friend who understands what I’ve been through.

    If anyone is interested in hearing more of my story please google Andoni Schultz

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