Sarcastic awnser

Another one of the Professor's at my school asked me what happened to my leg and it takes everything in my power not to give them a sarcastic answer.


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  • juls4juls4 Community Member
    This could be an opportunity for you to educate him/her about cancer. You never know, maybe they have loved ones who have had cancer or they themselves have gone through it. They may have no idea that your leg is related to cancer and may end up offering support. And honestly, even if they don't offer support, they'll probably go home thinking about it and reflecting on their own health and life. I've found that talking about my cancer usually has a positive effect on people.
  • bb1217bb1217 Community Member
    My dad was diagnosed in January 2016 with a brain tumor, stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma, if anyone is familiar with this kind of cancer could you please get back to me please? Thank you so much
  • PaulinePauline Community Member
    I have just been diagnosed with the same and have been told none of my tumour can be removed although I was able to have a biopsy ,I have had 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy then 4 weeks rest. I have just started chemotherapy in tablet form using temozolomide capsules 300mg
    each night for 5 days then wait 23 days and have blood tests to see if its ok to carry on with another 28 day cycle ...I am looking to see if others are having similar treatments to me but this type of tumour is quite rare or others have had a large portion removed .....I would like to hear about your experiences as all I really know is what I have researched myself .I do hope to hear from you ....,Pauline
  • I was diagnosed at age 3 with a brain tumor and now have had 15 brain surgeries, radiation, and chemo and luckily my tumor is now gone but I understand what some of you have gone through. I am now 27 and still single unfortunately. I’m still looking for friends who understand what I have been through.
  • PaulinePauline Community Member
    Its always lifting to find others are still doing well years later when i cant see past this year .thanks for your comment and good luck in the search for your soul mate .

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