Life after Transplant

Hi, I'm new to this forum and wish I had found it earlier in our journey.
My husband was diagnosed with AML March 2014 just 3 weeks after our 2nd son was born, he was 31. He quickly went into remission and continued chemotherapy treatment for 6 months, it was tough and he got infection after infection but we got through it. We started piecing our life back together then BAM 8 months later he relapsed in June 2015 on his fucking birthday! Just an added cruel twist in this rollercoaster.
He has no siblings and no adult match was found so we had to go the cord blood route for his transplant. As its relatively new I've found it hard to find people to talk to about it, especially young adults. He's doing well but has had many bumps in the road, the worst being Heart Failure pre transplant. At the time we glossed over it as just a blip as our eye was on the transplant prize but now he's got through that I'm worried about whats next for his heart! 
He's day 86 post transplant so still being closely monitored but as were near the 100 day discharge our doubts and fears about whats next are all surfacing and I'm so worried about it returning, financial stuff, work and the impact all this has had on our kids.
Anyone in a similar boat thats got through it all and has some tips on dealing with the big black cancer cloud thats hanging over our heads?