Teeth whiteners and mouth cancer

Hey guys,
I had the habit of using tooth whiteners regularly. But, I came to read an article which states that the continuous usage of teeth whiteners can cause oral cancer. I am worried and am in a confusion on how to whiten my teeth again. I am planning to have a teeth whitening procedure from a dentist ( http://dentalcaretoronto.com/ ) in East York.
Are these results permanent? Do they have any side effects? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.


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  • I am not an expert on teeth whitening procedures but what I do now from actual research studies i.e. PubMed and clinicaltrials.gov , is there is nothing that is definitive. The issue is that according to most studies the most common groups for teeth whitening are smokers. With that said when you look at all the things that MAY cause oral/cancer from smoking, smokeless tobacco, acrylamide (which comes from many fried foods), etc. In my own personal opinion it would be difficult to prove Teeth Whitening causes cancer unless you take clinical trials using rats. I would say that you are good to go and if you have concerns ask your Dentist for studies directly related to his procedure. One thing my Mother did when she was battling cancer in the 80's was using baking soda, that is if you can get past the taste. Good luck and keep smiling.