Gimme Shelter

Hey Y'all. A friend of mine bought me my ticket to CancerCon! I am SO excited but am strapped for funds (living that medical debt life). If you have an extra bed or wouldn't mind having me cot it up in your hotel room. I would be MORE than appreciative. I come complete with my beautiful husky/german shepherd sidekick, Henry. I used to do public speaking and am good with strangers, so if YOU are shyer and would like rolling with an awesome pack. Hit me up. If you have room to share and want to exchange nothing but "don't forget to lock up" and "good morning"s, hit me up. I had AML no BMT just loads of chemo and am 6 years out. I am currently dealing with autoimmune issues, etc because cancer is the gift that keeps on giving ;) my number is 516-666-1203 if you would rather call/text. Also I plan on driving from Texas so if anyone else is driving and has room to spare OR is looking for a ride, hit me up!

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