What were your symptoms and what was/is the diagnosis?

I keep telling my doc something is not right but of course he keeps blowing me off. My father and all of his siblings and his parents have all had at least 2 forms of cancer and I'm concerned but doc won't listen when I tell him something is wrong.


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  • What are your symptoms?
  • Q4lifeQ4life Community Member
    I would get a second opinion that requires a genetic testing counselor at a cancer center.
  • juls4juls4 Community Member
    I had no symptoms other than a lump for breast cancer. Many cancers don't have symptoms until they are advanced. I don't say this to scare you, but because many non-cancer problems have noticeable symptoms so try not to jump the gun to cancer. Every type of cancer is vastly different, so unless your family members all had the same cancers, it could be related to age or specific environmental conditions each of them experienced in their lives. Keep in mind that doctors can't run expensive and invasive tests if they don't have reasonable cause to do so. You can't diagnose until there is a confirmed tumor of some sort. Your doctor might be listening, but thinking that your symptoms don't match with the cancer that runs in your family. Don't be afraid to bug doctors and ask lots of questions!

    I agree about the genetic testing. With a relative with cancer, it may be covered by insurance. That could give you peace of mind. And second and third opinions are good to hear.

    As someone with a history of anxiety and depression, I can tell you that symptoms from stress can mimic nearly any symptom of any disease. For years I thought something was really wrong with me. Stomach issues, headaches, dizziness, 4 different types of heart palpitations, sudden fatigue. I just couldn't accept that it was just stress because the symptoms happened even when I was feeling relaxed. But when I addressed my mental health, most symptoms went away. My cancer came much later and gave me no warning.