Brand Spanking New

Hello people. My name is Richard. I just joined today and am looking forward to reading posts, asking questions and even answering some if I can help. I belong to a couple PC groups on FB but there is not enough positive vibe going on there and too often questions go unanswered. I still frequent the groups and help any way I can. Cancer is a horrid thing. The worst. I have watched both parents and my only siblings Janet and Charlotte lose their battle to this demon.
I have been collecting survival stories from all over the internet and posting them on my website. I want to get a few more b4 I start getting it out there. People survive. They beat this disease. It isn't the end. Science, technology and medicine are advancing constantly and making wonderful progress. It's important that we all stay optimistic and share every little bit of information we hold as to help one another and those that are trying to help someone else...

Thank You for having me as a member!

Have a wonderful day and stay positive! Have faith.. believe you will be here for a long long time to come.


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