Hi my 14 year old son was diagnosed with undifferentiated round cell sarcoma on Nov 2015 at age 12. He was growing a lump mass on his foot. The best option was amputation which they amputated all his toes and was left with his heal. It has spread to his lungs also. I will never forget the Dr words. In sorry but ur son is not gonna make it get prepared for the worse. His a fighter and never have up. Chemo and radiation and a year later was actually looking good. His scans showed NOTHING in his lungs anymore. Two months later he started complaining about a headache and was vomiting in the morning and I knew something was wrong so I rushed him to the emergency room. The news that i got is too much for me to deal with right now. He has two tumors in his brain that one of them is pretty big that it's shifting his brain. He doesn't want surgery so he finished radiation and now is on chemo. . this is not easy to deal with. I just wish there was more info about this type of aggressive cancer.


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  • ElenaElena Community Member
    Hi, I am very sorry to read about your son suffering from cancer. I feel for you, I really do. I would suggest to find people who went through the same experience , I saw them on Instagram and probably they are on FB too as there are many groups of cancer support. Wish him remission soon!

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