Hair loss

jodiejodie Community Member
It has been 3 month since I finished my radiation and chemo for tonsil cancer I gave lost hair underneath it is bald but is it normal for it to still be falling put when I brush my hair there is always lots of hair my hair has alway been think bit very thin now I know if it had been thi I would be bald please can you help


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  • JConleyJConley Community Member
    I have not experienced this yet. But from what other survivors have told me, everyone is on a different schedule. Each body is different.

    3 months sounds like a while on paper, but I don't know that it is, in the grand scheme of things.

    The best advice I ever got was, "If you're worried about something more than you're not, consult a professional".

    It is best for your mental state to have someone with credentials you trust to give you this type of insight. Take the worry out, or find out if you need assistance.

    Best of luck. And I feel for you. I want my hair back as soon as possible.

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