Should be dead... trying to finish grad school w vocal and hearing issues but some profs are rotten

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Should be dead... I had/ have Neuroendocrine Paraganglioma of Rt Carotid Artery, Vagus Nerve and Carotid Space...was given 2 months without treatment max... 4 years w treatment and that was in 2011... 2 neck dissections, radiation, 9 months chemo and still on immunosuppressant pills and been in a type of "remission" for almost 3 years w the pills... trying to finish grad school w vocal and hearing issues but some profs are rotten making fun of my horse voice, hearing difficulties and memory issues. I have always been sensitive but I get angry now about this. Since age 2 I have had roughly 24 surgeries, 6 related to my cancerous tumor. You would think Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine graduate school would be more understanding but it has been the opposite. I get criticized for doing everything and am told by by students and Profs that I should have just done herbs and hospice... this really pisses me off... then to top it off I was a straight A student, scored 97% on GRE exams... now sometimes I forget names of people, words, the date... my memory and memories are gone.. it is very frustrating. Yesterday I got so upset I stood up and chewed out my prof for making fun of my voice... what is wrong w me? What do I do? Does anybody else experience anger? I don't feel like I can ever relax. Thankfully my husband and 8 year old are very supportive. Thank you for your advice, stories, etc.

- Megan from LA but grew up in rural Iowa


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    Love that cancer peps don't say anything... thanks...
  • I am so incredibly sorry for everything you've gone through and are going through. I would immediately report this discrimination to higher authorities at the school. It isn't moral and I am pretty darn sure it isn't legal for a professor to make fun of a student's disability. Other students are one thing, I know how shitty people can be. But professors are the professionals in this institution and it is absolutely NOT ok for them to treat you this way. I completely understand your anger, I am angry for you. My best advice besides reporting the professors that are making fun of you would be to make sure to find time to do things that relax you to de-stress from school. For myself I like to take a book to a quiet park and enjoy some alone time, even if it's for half an hour, we need to make sure we're taking care of our mental health even if it feels like the majority of the world around us wants to shit on us. Sending huge hugs and support to you.
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    Have you reached out to your school and let them know that you have a disability and that reasonable accommodations are required? Of course, you should report your professor because their behavior is unacceptable whether they are of your disability or not.
    In terms of anger issues, let it out. Bottling up emotions only makes them worse. Look for some positive ways to de-stress and let the anger out. I'm a big fan of running, coloring, and singing as ways to de-stress.

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