Hearing loss after cancer treatment

Hi all,
I'm a cancer survivor. I have been diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago and have been taking treatments until 3 months back. I was so happy when my oncologist said I'm under complete remission of cancer and I need not take any more medicines or undergo chemotherapy.
The only thing I'm concerned about is my hearing issue. I have been finding difficulty with hearing for the past couple of weeks. My oncologist asked not to worry as this is a side effect of chemotherapy and will be alright in a week or two. But It's been nearly 1 month since I'm suffering from hearing loss. Is this common? Will I need to get hearing aids? My mom is compelling me to consult a hearing aid practitioner in Toronto. Anyone here with a similar situation? Should I wait for few more days and then consult the doctor.


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  • SurvivedSurvived Community Member
    What chemotherapy did you have? I had cisplatin as one of my chemo drugs and it has the side effect of potentially causing permanent hearing hearing loss. It really hit me hard and I lost a significant amount hearing due to it. It also has the rarer side effect of causing ringing in the ears, which I also have. To my knowledge, these effects are permanent and I've been living with it since 2001. I don't wear hearing aids, but i do qualify as "hard of hearing".
    I've also heard that cranial radiation can cause hear loss, but i am unsure as to whether this true.