Should I tell my best friend about my cancer even if we are currently not as close due to a fight?

I have been in and out of treatment for a really rare blood cancer for the last 3 years. I finally got into a T-Cell trial at NIH, and I have been recovering from that for the last few months. For several months I have been experiencing cramping, and some unusual pain, but was told by my doctors that it was probably nothing. I got a call yesterday after having tests done, and I was told they aren't 100% sure of what's going on, but that it looks as if it could be ovarian cancer. My best friend has been pretty amazing through the last few years, but she is seeing a new guy and hasn't been around in about 4 weeks now. Im honestly pretty hurt by that, and we have gotten in a couple of arguments about it, when we have literally never fought before in 10 years. While she would usually be the first person I would call, I am really hesitant to tell her. I don't want her to start coming around a lot just because now I could once again have something really serious and potentially life threatening. It shouldn't take me having something horrible going on to make her feel like she needs to be or wants to be here. I'm really torn over what to do--any advice?

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  • You should call her. When I was diagnosed I had a friend that I hadn't spoken to in probably 3 years, but they had been a big part of my life and I knew that I had to reach out. I did and we remain friends to this day almost 4 years later. If this person is as good of a friend as you say then the fight you had will mean nothing compared to supporting you through this. Friends fight, it happens, but at the end of the day if they love you they will show up. I have been amazed by the people that showed up for me. I hope this finds you well, and I wish you the best of luck going forward.