clinical trial cost me $$$

Anyone else dealing with unexpected bills from a clinical trial?


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    What type of bills are you receiving? Usually the sponsor (Pharma company) covers any costs for transportation, meals, etc. The site (physician) shouldn't be charging you for anything. They (physician) make money off of every patient enrolled in a trial being conducted at their facility. - Coach
  • Most trials are not totally free but should have been explained to you before you signed up what costs you would need to cover. The one thing that's always covered is the drug being tested and usually the cost of the infusion clinic and things surrounding how you receive the drug. Some trials don't pay for transportation, some do, and most require you have health insurance since things like scans will still need to go through your insurance and you may have bills from that depending on what your insurance is.
  • I've been in 5 different clinical trials to date (basically a human lab rat here) and all had at least some expenses not covered... any new drugs being tested are covered but in my experience anything that could be categorized as basic or normal care (ie stuff they might do anyway outside of a trial) is not covered.
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    thanks for the responses! Sounds like it was a communication fail. I am being billed for infusion and scans related to the trial only (so not a part of routine care). Which is fine in theory, but probably should have been discussed pre-trial when I asked about the cost :/
  • I'm sorry unexpected bills are never good especially in a time when finances may be extra tight. In the future you may be able to find exactly what is paid for in the consent paperwork you have to sign for the trials... I believe I've seen it in some of mine its just always such a stack of papers and a pain to dig through it all. Really the doctor or facility should tell you clearly when asked though.
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    Thanks so much for the reply. I did review all of the consent forms, unfortunately the cost coverage was not included; however, they indicated that they will revise the forms in the future to include all the information on costs. Unfortunately, my billing issues will remain unresolved, but hopefully future study participants will gain from the situation.

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