Oral cancer symptoms

Hi, I am writing this for my dad. He has developed a sore in his mouth, which won't go away. There is a swelling in his lips and gums. They are velvety red in color and it usually bleeds when he brushes his teeth. He says that he feels numb in those areas and has got a feeling that something is caught in the back of his throat. He finds it difficult to chew and swallow food. His voice has changed and has become more hoarse.
He has got the habit of smoking cigar and he drinks alcohol occasionally. His aunt passed away last year due to oral cancer and she had similar symptoms.
So, I am worried. I am planning to take him to our family dentist ( http://www.appletondental.ca/our-team/meet-the-dentists/ ) in Ajax for a full extra-oral and intra-oral examination including oral cancer examination. Is he suffering from oral cancer? Can this be cured? How is oral cancer treated? What is the probability of success of this treatment?


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  • You are doing the right this by getting him to the doctor and getting it checked out. Once you have the results and know exactly what is going on and where. I may have a couple of suggestions on treating it. If it is Head & Neck cancer there is hope and various different treatments from Naturopathic to the traditional Chemo, Radiation and surgery. I can only speak of what is available hear in the USA because I am not sure what Canada has to offer. I wish you luck and I will check in to see how both of you are doing.
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    Thank you NutriFan24.