Friends Not Understanding

I'm 16 and just need somebody to understand what I'm going through after a BMT. My friends seem to think its okay to do whatever they want without me as long as they do it again with me when I have T-cells, but it's not about what I'm going to do. It's about what I didn't get to do. I've missed so much being out of school my whole sophomore year.


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  • makhopmakhop Community Member
    I was diagnosed my senior year (this April) so I know how you feel. Missing out SUCKS!! But your fight is more important. Know that when you're through, your friends will still be there! You need to focus on yourself & getting through this fight. (Which is easier said than done, I know). And if you're feeling alone, don't be afraid to reach out and let your family or friends know! I guarantee you'll be surprised at how much they'll be willing to help ya.