Just looking for anyone around 16 years old who understands

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Hi, I'm Valerie. I am currently (almost done) undergoing post bone marrow transplant treatment for ALL. I joined this site in hopes of finding a girl around the age of 16 I could talk to, since my friends just don't understand.


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  • Hi Valerie, I'm brianna. Congrats that you're almost done undergoing treatment! I'm not 16 and I'm not going through the same treatment as you but I'm 22 going through chemo and I find that my friends find it difficult to understand what I'm going through too. We're both so young and this is a concept that is hard for other teenagers/young adults to grasp. I just want you to know you're not alone and that I'm here for you.
  • Hey, I'm Alexis. I'm 21, but I did recently receive a bone marrow transplant. I'm being treated for a different cancer but I can relate to the BMT.
  • natalyenatalye Community Member
    Hi Val, my cousin recently turned 17 and was just diagnosed with AML a few days ago. She is starting her first round of treatment tomorrow. I would love to be there for her, maybe to put you two in touch or to better understand how to be there.

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