sex after chemo

So spending 7 months not being able to function REALLY brought my boyfriend and I to another level in our relationship, we have been together for almost two years now and spending almost half that time in a hospital just trying to survive made it hard for us to have "us" time, not to mention the chemo and Lupron completely shutting down my lady parts making it close to impossible to share any pleasure with each other but we did the best we could and we powered through, we are now in remission and have been able to get back to "us" time and a pretty amazing relationship. Only lately I have been feeling ill and tired and decided to go in for a physical to make sure everything is starting to work properly again, only to hear back from my doctor that I now have HPV and although it is low risk it is more of a risk with my immune system it could lead to cervical cancer, it is like once we climb one mountain there is another right next to it, I just want a break. One thing that kept me going during chemo was the thought I would come out of treatment with a brand new pure body ready to start a new life with the ones I love, and now it feels like I just got punched in the gut and it is hard to breath. I just want to live a life where I don't have to worry about my body doing its part I want to be able to live and doing stupid things and have fun instead of being paranoid with every decision I make. This is a rant and I am sorry to throw it all out there I am just tired of being the person who always talks about health issues and here I can just let it out.


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    Just wanted to say I completely know how you feel. I'm 34 and I was in a temporary menopause for six months because of chemo and it shut everything down. I was thrilled when I came out of menopause and felt like my body was alive again. I thought I was would at least have a few years before real menopause, but after only 4 months permanent menopause is, quite literally, coming in hot and my hormones are totally haywire. I went from trying to get pregnant, to getting cancer, to finding out I can never have kids in 1 yr. I'm so afraid my sex drive is just gonna disappear completely by age 35. I'll have a couple days off and think, this is a great chance for one-on-one time with the husband!...oh wait, now I'm having hot flashes and I'm in a depressed downward spiral so maybe I'll just cry instead. It's been such a roller coaster. You think, I'm done with treatment, time to move on with life! But then life kicks you in the teeth. I'm trying to take it a day at a time and do as much research online as I can for ways to deal with symptoms. Sounds like you have a great guy who's willing to stick by you which is awesome (and rare). I thank my lucky stars everyday for my husband. I wish I had advice, but I'm just working through it too. Good luck with everything!