Where to buy Vitamin C Intravenous Drip?

Does anyone know where I could buy Vitamin C IV?
Some links...suppliers
Would be appreciated


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  • Hello.
    We looked desperate to buy Vitamin C IV for our grandmother. She was diagnosed with Cancer Stage 4. In US... clinics demand enormous prices for these therapies and we preferred to look directly for distributors in Europe.
    After long searches and sleepless nights we found a distributor who sends us directly to the US.
    Now a doctor administers her daily 20 grams of Vitamin C IV. Since she started this treatment, her strength came back and now she started walking out in the park every day.
    We will continue this treatment until she will be completely cured.
    If you need supplier's page i will share it... www.vitamincvial.blogspot.com
    I wish you all the best... Thelma from Chicago.US
  • harycatzharycatz Community Member
    Hi @thelma_anc
    Thank you for your information.
    My package from them just arrived and i can't wait to start this therapy.