Cannabis to cure cancer

My father died from thyroid cancer. When I visited an endocrinologist, my doctor, upon learning about my family medical history, asked to perform an ultrasound. My thyroid level was normal, but she found nodules and I had to have a needle biopsy too. The result was negative and I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
I had a thyroidectomy and had my two cancer lymph nodes removed. I had a radioactive iodine and the doctor monitored my nodules with yearly ultrasounds.
My cancer was under control for more than a year. But, now I think it is creating problem again. I am afraid whether my condition will become worse. I am planning to have a treatment from the medical cannabis clinic ( ) in Toronto. One of my friends had lung cancer and he underwent treatment at that clinic. He said that the treatment was really helpful.
Is there anybody over here who has tried using cannabis for curing cancer? How were the results? Please share your experience.

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