Should I be worried?

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Recently, I’ve been having chest pains, headaches, body/joint aches. I’ve been bruising easily and feeling tired, weak, getting those “to the bone” chills even if it wasn’t cold, feeling cold no matter the temperature. At night I sleep with the window open and it’s been about 50 degrees out, but I’ll wake up feeling very warm. My father suggested it may be the flu, despite me not having a fever, so I went to the doctors. She said it was probably just a virus, but took some blood. When she got the results back from my blood test, she called and told me my white blood cell count was a bit higher than usual. She didn’t give me any more information, nor did she seem much concerned. She told me she’d draw more blood at my next appointment and check it then, but my next appointment isn’t for another 3 months. I checked an app I have where I can look at the lab results myself, and noticed that for a year now, whenever I had any CBC’s (which was about 4 or 5 times), all but one came back as a bit higher than normal. I called my doctors office and talked to the receptionist, telling her I was looking and found it's been higher than normal the last year or so, and asked if she could give me some insight as to why that might be. She didn't give me any reason, she just told me that she was going to get me in sooner for more blood work. I have my next appointment in 2 days. I've been looking online to see if I could self diagnose, or at least prepare myself for what it might be, and I found a list of things it could be. I saw that leukemia was one, and I guess that just really caught my eye because I have a 9 month old son, and I'd be more worried about him and what would happen if I did have leukemia rather than worried about myself. I guess my question is, is it concerning? What could be the reason it’s higher? What's the chance it could be leukemia? Should I be concerned?

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  • I'm sorry it's always tough feeling something is wrong yet not knowing exactly what. So glad you are being proactive in getting it figured out though! In the end if you feel your current doctor isn't listening and addressing your concerns well enough you can always seek a second opinion. I'm not a doctor just a cancer patient so I can't actually answer your medical questions but wishing you well :smile:
  • Worrying is the worst :/ I'm sorry to hear you're going through this.

    I think self-diagnosis activities can help... sometimes. For right now, with the context you've given, it could be a whole slew of things.

    And I bet hearing the non-answers from your healthcare team is a bit bothersome too!

    I think any type of medical issue should be seen as concerning. The problem is: the list of things it could be is huge right now. Blood work helps narrow it down. Other things like scans and other tests help narrow it down even further.

    I can't really answer your questions about why a higher WBC count could be higher. All I can say is: try to keep sane :) Hope all goes well for you.
  • I have melanoma... so very different symptoms. At first I just had a mole on my back growing, I had a dermatologist look at it but they thought it was nothing (color, shape and size weren't abnomal) - I few years later it started bleeding and growing very fast and I had it removed and found it was melanoma. I was fine a few years until scans showed mets in my lungs. It does sometimes take a bit for me to get through all the docs to figure things out, but if I'm really worried I make sure I keep asking about it until something gets done - if they don't call me with the appointments I need promptly I start calling to get things scheduled as soon as possible. Other than that I try to be patient and enjoy life ☺ Key word "try"... I get anxious sometimes too.

    I'm glad they are continuing to look into things for you, wishing you the best!


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    Mishanne, my doctor did another blood test and my WBC was still high, and now so is my platelet count. She also found inflammation, and is sending me to see a hematologist. Is it something I should be considered about? Is that what you went through? I might just be overthinking it, but I'm just expecting the worst. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst...