Told not to talk about health at work

My supervisor told me not to talk about my medical concerns at work unless it is an emergency or directly impacting job performance. This feels terrible and not okay. Has anyone else had this experience.


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  • I'm sorry, that is hurtful and isolating. In a game related chat room supposedly created for women to support each other outside the game I was told I was not allowed to discuss my cancer and one lady even called me a liar! I was so upset and mad I sent her her a copy of my pathology report saying I have innumerable mets... and instead of apologizing she blocked me lol. I'm very fortunate at work my experience has been very positive, not only can I discuss my cancer freely but they arrange to give me rides to and from treatments, have given me gifts and cards, and continued to pay my health insurance even though I can't work and they are no longer legally required to. Ultimately I choose to share my condition openly because I believe with so many getting cancer in their lifetime people should become more capable of handling conversations about cancer... We have to deal with the actual cancer it seems the least others can do is deal respectfully with hearing about it now and then right?! In the end some people are gracious and supporting and others terrible about it.

    I'm not sure legally if there is anything you can do about work unless your supervisors allow other non work conversation especially health related and are just discriminating against you and your particular condition? Perhaps a solution that may create less waves is to go to lunch or something with the coworkers you wish to discuss your condition with, outside of work you should be able to talk about what you want :smile: