Anyone know someone who has a urostomy bag in their 20s?

Its my first time here and to come across this. If anyone can give some advise that woul be great. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 2. There was much about my body that i didnt know was "different". I came to realize everything about that was different from the "norm" around the age of 10 and it broke my spirit apart. I had to wear diapers and self catherize myself for many many years. After finishing high school i had an experience of not being able to pee xwhile self catherizing, so i got rush to the ER and they pulled a blood clot from my bladder that was roughly a foot and a half long. After they took it out, the nurses left for 5mins and in comes a doctor saying i have to options for a new bladder. I could either get some type of box put inside me or have a urostomy bag on my stomache. I was 20 when this was all happening. This was probably the 3rd life changing event in my life and now i have been living with a urostomy bag for almost 4 years now, and being 23 almost turning 24, it has taken a toll on my mind set and body and i cant help but to think negative thoughts cause those memories are the only ones that pop into my head every day and night. I just want to find someone who can relate to me. Im tired of puttinv on a fake face for people.