Newly Diagnosed, Confused, and Seeking Advice for Next Steps

Hello there everybody, I'm Sidd, going to be 25 this November, and I've been diagnosed with Thymoma.

I'm here seeking advice for how should I approach the treatment, I don't have full comprehension about cancer so I'm scared and confused especially as I live in eastern country and have minimal access to western practices.

So here's a brief summary of my condition. By some kind of devil's luck I decided to get a medical checkup on a whim, but it turns out the staffs caught something nasty near my lungs and after a CT scan and blood test I was diagnosed with Thymoma.

Now the scary and confusing part is my parents and relatives are all against biopsy because they said it might spread the cancer, and also because the location of the tumor is near my vital organs such as heart and lungs, so biopsy and surgery are risky, especially with the skills of the doctors in my country.

Then, my parents opt to get alternative treatment, using traditional medicine named Rhizoma Curcuma Mangga, which is widely popular in my country claiming it can cure cancer due to it containing Ribosome Inactivating Protein or something, I don't really recall all the details but in short, all of the people here believed its anti-cancer property.

Now, I'm about two weeks in the treatment, and just got the results of my 2nd blood test, and the result is worrying me.

Two weeks ago -> Now

LDH 241 -> 270
Beta HCG 0.6 -> 0.6
CEA 2.19 -> 2.36
AFP 1.36 -> 1.21
SCC 2.00 -> 2.10
Neuron Enolase/Esterase 10.2 -> 12.6

As you can see most of the marker had went up and only one went down. This is really worrying me especially SCC since it's already way past normal (1.50).

I'm really worried with how my treatment goes, what I'm afraid the most is if I wait too long with this kind of treatment it will be too late to get standard treatment. Any advice, or any supportive reply even, would be much appreciated. :(

Thank you.


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  • Hi Sidd,

    I'm sorry that this has happened to you. I was diagnosed last year at the age of 25 with a stage 3 tumour of the oesophagus. I am 6 days away from my 1st year anniversary of being diagnosed, and while it was a very tough year, I am back at work and feeling better.

    You are in a tough situation. My only advice can be that you HAVE to listen to your instincts. You are the only one who can decide for you. This is your life, not your parents, and if you think that Western medicine is for you, then you have to listen to what your head and heart are saying. If you think traditional medicine could work, and if you find examples of people having been treated effectively in this way, then why shouldn't it work for you? But whatever path you choose, make sure it is YOU that chooses.

    Other than that, it is silly to say, but being positive is also a powerful tool. No matter how hard things seem, there is often something to be thankful for. I wish you the best of luck for this journey.

    Prayers for you from Dublin, Ireland,

  • SiddSidd Community Member
    Hello there Holly, thank you so much for replying. I'm happy to hear that you are already back to working condition, that gives me hope for myself also.

    First of all, let me take this chance to say I'm sorry if I came off as someone that demeaning to eastern countries, I didn't mean it like that and I'm very sorry. I was not in the right mind since I was depressed and anxious and I phrased myself wrongly.

    It's just that, my country has a track record for being a bit behind, and people here usually swallows information as is without determining the truth and believes in lots of myth. That's why I'm quite skeptical with this kind of alternative treatment.

    That aside, thank you for your kind encouragement. I actually talked to my parents about this, and to my surprise, my mother actually already contacted a hospital in Germany regarding my condition behind my back! The decision's not final but if all goes well we might fly to Germany for my treatment, this puts more ease to my mind.

    Here's hoping for my recovery and good life ahead for both of us. Thank you!