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hello, my brother 35 who was living in australia pretty healthy life style spending most of the in the waves suddenely had a series of 3 ten minute seizures on the plane on holiday to spain, they gave him an M,R,I and found large tumour front right lobe (orange size) which they removed with in 4 days of finding it and they removed all of it,, we all had fingers crossed for a grade 2 but it was a grade 3 astrocytoma, so jake went on the 6 week combo of radiotheropy 30 days and Temadol for 44 days along with supplements tumeric, cbd oil, bosweillia resin, berberine.mushrooms and green tea and a very low carb diet, he does different breathing exercises and yoga. we skip in to the final radio therapy where he gets told he is to do another 6 months of chemo in the pill form. this didnt and isnt sitting well with jake or me. i dont want to be against what has saved jakes life through medicine and serious skill from all the doctors but i also dont see a good outcome when an indiviual is feeling so terrible the prevention methods are more painful than the cancer.?
this has come as such as shock to all of us and trying to make sense of anything is very hard,
im trying to find other possible treatments or anyone that has had a similar experience with astrocytoma grade 3,


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  • I couldn't say but if he is questioning has he tried researching other doctors and getting a second opinion elsewhere? Ultimately the choice is his but it's best to understand all the risks and options fully first. I have metastatic melanoma so my situation is a bit different - I get immunotherapy, mostly through clinical trials which makes me feel good I can be part of helping others in the future. Treatment can be tough but I am only 30 years old I figure the chance to live so many more years is worth it! With that said I do refuse to take any drug more than I need... I recently had a brain met removed and they had me on keppra and steroids which drove me nuts, I begged off of them as soon as the doc thought it was ok! I also had one doc that tried to give me Ativan to sleep which I refused and currently am seeing an oncologist that understands I don't like extra meds for everything and respects that. Sorry you guys are going through this, wish you both the best! :smile:
  • I was diagnosed with a grade 2 astrocytoma at 21 and had surgery May 2016. I did the same 6 weeks of radiation and 6 months temadol. I was a college athlete at the time and still worked out and lifted each week. I ate organic and drank plenty of water and it still really sucked. Some rounds of chemo pills I felt the worst I've ever felt and other rounds I did better. My doctors first said that I would do it for a year and then changed it to 6 months because they were taking into account of what my quality of life would be like plus, I weight 130lbs and they didn't think my body could handle more. My advice: Tell your brother to go with his gut feeling. If he feels that he will regret the 6 more months, then don't do it. It is up to him, not the doctors to make the ultimate decision. Mine being a grade 2, I did not "need" to do chemo but my doctor recommended it. I went with my gut and I did it and I don't regret it no matter how bad is sucked. Feel free to contact me for any other help/just to chat! You and your brother are strong people and you WILL get through this.

    Much love,
    Kelsey Johnson

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