Ovarian Cancer and fertility

Hey everyone out there in cyberspace,
A few weeks ago I was really nauseous for over five days and decided to go to the ER (after being told by everyone that I know to go). They decided to do a CT scan and found a large tumor (8lbs) on my left ovary. I went in for surgery less than a week later and I am in recovery now. The tumor spread to my other ovary but they left that one in. They also removed my appendix and part of my stomach because the tumor had adhered to those as well. It’s still in very early stages but it grew rapidly and was very large. It caused a lot of damage, including some spinal issues that are adding to my pain right now.
We have not decided on a treatment plan yet. My doctor doesn’t want to start chemo and radiation unless the tumor comes back but we can’t just leave things as they are so I have a lot of doctors visits in my near future to figure out what to do. My surgeon told me that my right ovary is going to have to be removed eventually and that it might not be viable as is.
I see a fertility doctor later today and I’m nervous. I want to get pregnant more than anything in the world, granted I didn’t expect it to be happening at 22. I’m going to talk about potentially freezing my eggs but my doctor warned me that the hormone injections could possibly stimulate tumor growth. So it might be worse if I try to freeze my eggs. If anyone out there is or was in a similar boat and wouldn’t mind sharing your experience I would really appreciate it. It feels like there are a million things I need to do now and I don’t know where to start.
Thank you :)


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  • I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. I'm 19 and got diagnosed early this summer. I just finished chemotherapy in October. One of my biggest desires has always been to become a wife and a mom. I didn't have the option to freeze my eggs because when I got diagnosed, I was in really bad condition and needed to start chemo immediately. So I'm pretty nervous about the possibility of me being infertile. The one thing that the doctors were able to do was give a Lupron injection twice while I underwent chemo. This injection shuts down your ovaries in the hopes that they won't be attacked as much by the chemo. So I'm hoping that the Lupron preserved my fertility, but I won't know for a while. Anyways, you might want to see if that is something you can try. I don't know if that would work with your particular cancer and your treatment, but it's worth asking your doctors about. :)

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