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Hello everyone, although I am a new member to this, I have been dealing with leukemia since 2008. My name is Matt and im 26 years old. I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia when I was a senior in high school in 2008. I went into remission right away and stayed in remission for about 5 years. After I relapsed I had a double umbilical cord stem cell transplant in April of 2014. I was in remission for almost 2 years when it came back again and I was told that the faculty that I was going to have exhausted their resources. So I turned to Seattle and Fred Hutch. I got accepted into the CAR-T immunotherapy trial and again achieved remission. Almost 18 months later I relapsed for the 4th time and am back in seattle for a 2nd attempt. I condensed alot of my story but I am having a hard time this time trying to stay positive. Not sure what I am looking for on here but I wanted to share my story.

Thanks, Matt


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  • Hey Matt, I'm 30 with metastatic melanoma and get treated at the SCCA, I believe the Fred Hutch lab was responsible for my TIL therapy I had awhile back. Not sure if you were aware but the SCCA does have a young adult support group that meets every other Monday evening (next one is this coming Monday evening 11/6). You are supposed to RSVP, the number is on their website under support groups - when I called they didn't respond at first so I called the general social workers number there which got a faster response. Wish you the best with your treatment and everything!
  • Hello Matt!! Nice to meet to, I am also new here. I have been caregiver to my family. We have a family history cancer patients and survivors.
  • Hi Matt, I know this is a couple months after you have posted, but I am new here now and I ran across your post. I really hope your health has started to improve and look up, and you have found some positivity or hope. Like I said I am new to this sort of thing and I am not really sure what I am looking to find on this site either. I am also 26, I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia when I was 6. I rejected my stem cell bone marrow transplant for 5 years. I had many many side effects from experimental drugs and graph versus host. Things finally turned up for me. Just when life starts to look normal I get hit with another late effect side effect. Sorry just a little about me. I can't believe the facility you were going to exhausted their resources. I cannot imagine how frustrating that must have been. I was living in WA for a little while and went to Fred Hutch a couple times. It is supposed to be a really great hospital. I don't really have a huge support team that I go to. I have my parents, and my husband, I have one friend that I am mostly open with about my health issues. It sounds like you have been through hell and just keep getting kicked down. But it also sounds like you are a very strong fighter who knows you have to just keep taking it day by day. I know lately I feel like I keep getting kicked down, and I just have to remind myself all you can do is take it day by day. We are 26 and have so much more ahead of us to get done. We have to keep fighting for everyday. Stay positive!!

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