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Hi everyone,

After getting diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma this summer, I took this semester off from going to college and am taking a couple online courses instead. However, I plan to return for the spring semester of my sophomore year. For those of you who have had cancer while in college, how much of an adjustment was it getting back into the swing of things in college? I'm concerned about how much energy I'm going to have, wearing a wig, and other people's perceptions of me. I go to a really small school, so most people know about my situation. I'm still going to feel a little awkward though. I would love to hear anyone's thoughts/advice on this!


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  • I was first diagnosed in grad school, took a semester off, then returned to finish up the last semester. It was a bit tough to get back in the swing of things but fortunately I had just had surgery and no other treatment to wear me down. My professors were very understanding and accommodating - I think they took it easy on me a little. Some of my peers said nice things to my face but then seemed to avoid me once they found out about my cancer... I chalk it up to people that age not having much experience dealing with serious conditions necessarily. Not in college but later when I had a bit of chemo and lost my hair I went to work with scarves or hats and yeah some people looked but I learned to just give them a nice smile - either they feel embarrassed and look away or they smile back and either way I'm happy lol ;)
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    @Mishanne Thanks for sharing your experience! :)