Does anyone here have fears of another cancer developing in the future?

Hello everyone! I'm a cancer survivor who's posttreatment (thank you Lord!) and sometimes I find myself all of the sudden come over with fears. Some of them are; Will another cancer develop in the future? Will I have health issues down the road because of what cancer/treatment has done to my body? How do y'all cope with these fears so they don't overtake you? Thanks!


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  • MHoodMHood Community Member, Moderator
    This is something I think about a lot. Whenever I'm not feeling well it's almost always in the back of my mind. Additionally, I worry about the long terms effects of my treatment. I just try to keep living my life and not let it bog me down.
  • I think it about it all the time. It has always been a fear since I went into remission. Every time my leg hurts where the cancer originated, gives me the scariest feeling. It's hard because I always think I am going to injure myself and the cancer will come back or I will get sick with a cold and my immune system might shut down and it will come back. But honestly, I think those are fears we all have as cancer survivors or patients. It's an underlying fear that we all have to cope with. Whenever I get that feeling, I normally listen to music or I try cooking a new recipe that I've found online. It's really soothing. Everyone is different. So you just need to find something that gives you calm and peaceful feeling.
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    im new to this but i must say that i have had melanoma,renal cell carcinoma,rare sarcoma and now late stage 4 adrenal gland faith in almighty god has kept my drive to live alive,god didnt tell me that my time is im staying,i was told 1&1/2 yrs ago that i would make it 1;yr....i should be skinny and wheelchair not,i am a healthy 200lbs and will continue my fight, and hopefully find a beautiful lady who's not afraid(or afraid
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    It is a fact that if the treatment is not done accurately the risk of the recurrence of the cancer increases. My mother-in-law has faced it. She was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 1, a few years ago. Her treatment for done for more than a year but even after the treatment and the recovery, her breast cancer recurred last year again. Now she is currently taking her best treatments for breast cancer on Long Island. She is recovering quiet fast and her health is also very good. Hopefully she will be fine soon.

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