I feel like my father's side of the family forgot that I had cancer.

3 years after I had my surgery, my stepmom got diagnosed with breast cancer. It was like once everyone found out about her having breast cancer, my cancer wasn't important. I have been cancer free for almost 11 years and it doesn't bother me as much anymore, it just feels like my father's side of the family except for one person, has forgotten about the fact that I had cancer too. Like it wasn't hard for me to deal with it. All the emotional and psychological issues I had to cope with by myself because I didn't want my family to know. Sometimes I feel like I really was the red headed step child and even though I had cancer and my family was there for me, it still feels like it doesn't matter to them anymore. I have my good days where I am proud of the fight I went through but other days, I just feel like it doesn't matter to any of them. I am starting to believe that I will never get over this.

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  • You know that saying "out of sight out of mind"? Sometimes I think that applies... I have been in and out of treatment for the last almost 5 years now for stage 4 melanoma. At first I got lots of messages, cards, flowers, visits, etc. Now mostly just my parents visit bringing flowers and food. I have an old acquaintance that said to me when catching up, "oh you are still sick?" Yet I post a picture of staples from my recent brain surgery then everyone shows up with sympathy for a bit then forget me again. I figure everyone is just busy with their own lives, we can't forget our cancer because it (or the after effects) is there every day for us, but for others I think unless you remind them they are just clueless!