Are malignant tumors "just as devastating" as benign ones?

One of the cornerstones of this organization that I have been failing to understand for a while now is the claim that benign and malignant tumors are somehow just as dangerous. Having lived in a cancer ward for 2 years you come not notice a trend, people with benign tumors don't die of their illness. For a tumor, the ability to metastasize is what allows it to kill you in most cases. I am unable to identify a single way in which benign tumors are not better to have than malignant ones. If anyone can help me understand this I would greatly appreciate it.


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  • I think the important idea is to not compare cancers, illnesses, or people - generally ends in some one or another feeling bad. I have been in and out of treatments for metastatic melanoma almost 5 years now, yet before it returned I remember I just had surgery to remove my primary melanoma and most everyone dismissed it and my worries of it returning since it was just "skin cancer". I guess that's what matters, even if a tumor is benign and/or unlikely to kill someone... hearing you have cancer and whatever surgeries or treatments needed can still be stressful - it can be hurtful if people dismiss your feelings simply because you are not going die! One thing I have learned is everyone is different so a trouble that may not seem a very big deal to you because of your life experience might feel like a very big deal to them so I try and respect that and be supportive.