Colorectal cancer wife has been battling with colorectal cancer since June 2017. She has been through chemo (5Fu) and radiation. She was scheduled for surgery for a resection of the colon (colostomy) due to the tumor growing into the spincter muscle. As we got closer to surgery date (11-30-17) it was determined that she would also need reconstructive surgery due to the tumor invading into the vaginal wall behind the colon..on the day of her surgery they opened her up, and then abruptly stopped the surgery. The doctor called me to a room, and informed me he found cancer seeds in her abdominal cavity. I believe this is refered to as peritoneal carcinomatosis? So he said that it would not benefit her to have the surgery as it wouldn't save her life or give her more time, and only put her at risk for additional complications. He suggested that we simply do more chemo and radiation. He stated the cancer was going to kill her..So my question is this: has anybody been through this and if so, are there any other treatment options out there..any suggestions..i am desperate to save my wife..i have a second opinion appointment but its weeks away..


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  • jbowmanjbowman Community Member
    Yes. My ex same thing only they went ahead and gave him a colostomy bag, then just closed him up because the tumor had metastisized. He is getting ready to start chemo on Jan 10th.
  • christy65christy65 Community Member
    I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with stage Iv colon cancer in October 2017- spread to liver and lymph nodes, so if I understand correctly your wife's colon cancer has metastisized like mine? .. the first oncologist told me this stage would kill me but that "chemo could keep me alive for a while", I got a second opinion and my new oncologist at memorial sloan kettering in NYC has a very different outlook. She hasn't promised anything to me, but she has cured this advanced cancer many times before. From my understanding, it is possible so keep searching for second and third and fourth opinions! Best of luck
  • Q4lifeQ4life Community Member
    I think you are in Good hands in MSK. I am there too. Better than Mount Sanai or NY Presbyterian or NYU. Research. Contact people. I researched a woman who got cancer 3 times & survived. Nalie Augustin ón YouTube interviewed her. Find a cancer center that specializes in only cancer. A very different experience.