Hodgkins Lymphoma-diagnosed at 25, now 33. Helpful Advice Needed.


I am now 8 years out of my diagnosis and have been in remission for 6 years. Tomorrow is my annual (much dreaded, feared) oncologist appointment. What questions should I ask? Should I order any tests or scans? Last CT was 2 years ago. Blood work a year ago. Any tips are appreciated.


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  • jwattsjwatts Community Member
    Congrats!! I have an appointment tomorrow as well. I am about 1.5 years out at this point. I have been fortunate to have an oncologist that lets me have some agency in the tests we conduct. With my type of cancer (testicular) scans are usually ordered every 3 months. I have asked to stop these (they are about 100X the radiation of a X-ray) to save myself from other types of cancers if I can. Don't get me wrong these are important, but I have cut them back to once every 8 months, and stick with blood work. I would do a bit of research to find out the types of bio-markers that typically surface with your type of cancer, and see what others are necessary to screen for, and possibly have a conversation about longevity and holistic health.

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