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I am 49 years old and have been moderatly healthy more or less, About 8 weeks ago today , everything changed. I had numbess is my fingers on my right hand , thought it was just a cat scratch but didnt get better ,had little grasp on my hand and then fially all numb so called my regular doctor and sent me to a hand surgeon,and he checked with all the tests for carpal tunnel. Turned out not that at all , more tests and then she sent me in for mri of my neck thought it was pinched nerve in my neck, and turned out not that .Then went to the ER and the attending ordered a brain scan as he was looking for MS, but anyway came back had a tumor . pretty much fast tracked to see the neurologist , and said I had to have a brain biopsy . The biopsy was scheduled on Nov 17th 2017 and it was an open biopsy . Had the biopsy done and stayed in icu 2 days and came home . Waiting was the worse thing . Well waited the 2 weeks went back in and got the staples out (37 to be exact )found out it is cancerous and a level 3 or 4 since it is taking so long with the results we are at a 3 right now (still waiting ). Well got into the neuro cologist and the radiation oncologist they both said the same the results should be here already, put in another call . Neuro oncologist said to take it out but since the location it cant be removed because it will paralyze my right arm completey , so will be starting chemo pills and radiation after the first of the year . The oncologist said my hand w0nt get better probably worse with the radiation and chemo and wont be returning to work, as cant use my dominant hand, and told me with surgery I had 5-10 years and with out surgery it could be less and all the chemo and radiation are doing is prolonging everything .

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