The Hodgkin is back and I’m doing ICE

alyssakemialyssakemi Community Member
It hasn’t even been a year since I finished ABVD and now the lymphoma has come out of the woodwork to ruin my life again. This time they’re treating it with ICE chemo, maybe possibly radiation, and then an autologous (my own) stem cell transplant. I live in Las Vegas but unfortunately there are no transplant centers here so I’ll be going to USC when the time comes.

The first round of ICE made me feel wayyy worse than ABVD ever did. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, severe fatigue. I’m hoping to find more people who have undergone a similar treatment regimen so that I can hear about how their experience was. Obviously everyone is different, but this relapse is rough and knowing some of what to expect would be a great comfort. Let me know! :)