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Features of Enameled Copper Wire

1. Our Enameled Square Copper Wire consists of conductor and insulation layer. Bare Copper wire softens by the fire, and then paint and toast many times.

2. Enameled Copper wire’s flame-retardant level is B, so it has good better shielding effectiveness and high mechanical property.

3. The biggest advantage of Copper wire is its weight. It is three times as light as copper wire. so it can reduce cost. And it has better adhesion, so it can reduce transportation expenses and add value-added.

4. Our Enameled Copper Wire has good stability and excellent heat resistance.

Standard Electrical Blush Cipher in a lot of of Europe (IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission)

Ground or Earth: green-yellow.

Neutral: blue.

Hot: brown, black, and blah for 3-phase. Abandoned actualization is brown.

Standard Electrical Blush Cipher in the US and Canada

Ground or Earth: bare, green, or green-yellow.

Neutral: white.

Hot: black, red, and blue, for 3-phase. Abandoned actualization is black, and red if there's a added active.

Once the adeptness has accomplished your breaker, it is afresh about disconnected throughout your home to your assorted bank sockets, lights, and appliances. This is breadth you will apparently annual from alive the blush cipher as you'll apperceive which is hot, which is aloof and so forth. As you can see from the aloft data, the "color trend" for shenzhougroup Enamelled Aluminum Wire seems to be atramentous or amber for hot, and white or dejected for the neutral.

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