I could have been a MD but today can’t pull a sentence together after chemotherapy

I need help.
2 years ago I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Before chemotherapy I was the brightest most intellectual person you could imagine. I had plans of becoming a doctor and was working towards it before the cancer. It has been two years since my last chemotherapy treatment and I am unable to put a sentence together intellectually. There’s no problem with conversations although I have no mental clarity on paper any longer. Could this be related to chemotherapy ? It’s driving me insane. I want to go back to the way I was previously but even after treatments I am unable to do so. I would like to more than anything but my mind has this dullness to it.


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  • I struggled with memory trouble after some of my treatments - I was working as a structural engineer and found myself not able to remember simple instructions after treatment. I would have to write everything down on post its or in a notebook as soon as I got instructions because I would forget even while just walking back to my desk! Before I had excellent recall abilities. Super frustrating. Now I can't work at all physically so I guess it doesn't matter but I try to play various strategy or puzzle games to keep my brain working as well as I can! I think some treatments have made it harder for me to focus as well too. Wish I had a better answer for you other than to say "chemo brain" is a real thing. Perhaps doctors/therapists or other patients would have advice on how to work on getting back to where you want to be, or strategies to adjust.
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    Guawow Chemo I can relate. Lists are my life. I wonder if MSK offers something for this side effect. If I find something out I will post.