Anal Cancer

Hi, I️ am in my second week of treatment for stage 3A Anal cancer. I️ had one week of chemo last week and I️ will have another week on April 1st. I️ will have 28 radiation treatments. My 1st week of chemo did not go great but I am feeling better now that they removed the chemo pump. I️ am feeling really well week 2 of treatment. 10 radiation treatments in. I️ have been told there will Be discomfort. Can anyone share there journey. When did the discomfort start? Where you able to work? I️ have a physical job. Thank you for your help.


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    Greetings, Stage 3 Breast Cancer Estrogen positive. April 2017. No radiation and a few rounds of chemo. Man it fucking hurt. I applied for a medicinal marijuana card for the state of NY. It helped with my appetite & the nausea. I did a CARIS test before any treatment. It helped to determine which chemo drugs were most effective for my particular breast cancer. It helped them to fine tune the one size fits all treatment they give.

    Get your bloodwork done before hand it gauges your progress. I never got a port & I hate needles. Hydrate. Try to fit in exercise. Don’t go vegan. Eat protein, don’t go crazy but your body will need it. Ask to be part of Studies. I didn’t do radiation & am in a study that watches my progress with yearly scans.

    I went to a cancer center, very different care than a the hospital I went to. I only did chemo & now on immunotherapy until August. Chemo was a few months for me. Call your health Insurance & ask if they have 24 hour nursing consultantion service. My insurance company called me because having cancer alerted them. Nice to know this service is free. If not I have used Valerie Warwick. She is an Oncologist RN. I paid but it was worth it.

    Read. Research. Call the hospital you are at & ask for a social worker. You can also see if your state or job has the option for you to take time off or apply for disability. I took the year off because that option presented itself. I couldn’t heal & work.

    The identity you had will be burnt off after this experience & you will have to reinvent honestly during & after this experience. I wish you well. Let me know if this helped.

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