? About bone pain and symptoms

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So I got sick in January and was told I had the flu. Since then I haven't felt the same. Had cbc with differential and smear done in march. All blood work came back normal. Since then I've been getting sharp pains in my shin area, arms, shoulder, and back. The pains are sharp and in very specific areas. The pain isn't constant and just comes and goes. Could anyone who had bone pain from leukemia tell me there symptoms or give me advice.


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    I had bone pain when I underwent chemo for stage 3 breast cancer. It felt like my joints were on fire like a stick poked into a fire. Being hugged hurt. There was no comfortable position to lay in. I would black out to sleep then wake up in pain. Medicinal marijuana helped. So did tumeric. Tumeric is better than an aspirin or pain killer. Months after chemo it passed.

    Maybe it’s the treatment. Ask your oncologist for a social worker or case worker. Tell them you want a support group with your similar diagnosis or to talk to a patient further along in their treatment.
  • I use turmeric as well but I believe it's purported to help with inflammation - which would mean it will help with only pain that is caused by inflammation? I used to take ibuprofen until my stomach got screwed up so now I use turmeric, Tylenol, and dilaudid... But my pain is in my lungs and back mainly due to metastatic melanoma.