Caregiver for my wife

My wife is suffering from cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. I was really sad when I was informed about her disease. But the doctor said that there is nothing to worry and she will be alright after the chemotherapy. I am shattered. But she is fine. She is a strong woman and she is always able to adapt to any situation. Even though she is ill, she still consoles me and is concerned about me.
I work as a salesman. My job schedules are so tight often. I won’t be able to stay with her at home all the time. Our son is married and he lives with his family in Vancouver. He has 2 kids. He won’t be able to stay with his mother because he has to take care of his kids. I am afraid that my wife will have to stay at home alone. My son told me that it would be better to arrange an efficient caregiver to take care of her. How about home care services? I am looking for a home health care service in Toronto. If you have any suggestion please feel free to reply.


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    Contact the hospital or cancer you are at. Ask for a case worker or social worker. They can connect you with nursing or home care options. Also contact her insurance. Mine called me & offered me support via an on call nurse to walk me through my treatment for free as part of my coverage. She can also have someone go with her & they can support her with support during treatment & afterwards. You will have to have someone write down things for her, handle a schedule & take on her responsibilities because she will be so sick & exhausted. Medical marijuana helped me with pain & vomiting symptoms. I did not want pain killers. One medication was for a psychotic & did the opposite of help me sleep. I had a Caris test done that helps doctors compare what all cancer drugs do to your particular & specific cancer. It helps them focus treatment instead of doing the one size fits all approach. Hope this helps.