Anticipatory nausea

Does anyone have any suggestions for kicking or reducing anticipatory nausea? I receive weekly chemo treatments (indefinitely) and by the time my regular chemo nausea has gone away, the anticipatory nausea kicks in and I spend the new few days periodically running to the bathroom gagging. My anti-nausea drugs don't help with this type of nausea. I've actually never thrown up from the regular chemo nausea, but I have from anticipatory nausea. Even ginger ale and peppermints aren't having any effect. I've tried relaxing and meditating when the nausea hits, but often I don't have time before I start gagging. Any ideas would be welcome.


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  • I have all sorts of nausea problems but maybe not the same as yours... I take Zofran for the normal nausea and omeprazole for the drugs ruining my stomach nausea (for which normal nausea meds don't help either)... Then I also do the diet stuff like trying to eat bland, ginger, mint, and lemon. I always keep a metal bowl by my recliner because even getting up to go to the bathroom to puke tends to trigger puking when I'm feeling really sick! I just spent half the night recently sick and throwing up because they wanted me to try renitadine instead of omeprazole - so I know how nausea is super not fun. Hope you and your docs can find something that helps better :)
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    Thanks. For some reason Zofran works for my "real" nausea after chemo, but then does nothing for the anticipatory nausea. It might be a different part of my brain triggering it? I used to take Omeprazole for the terrible acid stomach, but it stopped working so now I coat my stomach with Carafate on the bad days. I've been lucky as far as throwing up that I've only thrown up once and it was from anticipatory nausea, but I'm worried I'm about to go downhill with that. Right after chemo I take Zofran, Olanzapine, Promethazine, Dexamethazone, and Ativan, but none seem to help the anticipatory nausea. Unfortunately the cancer center is full of triggers for me now and I try to just focus on TV and sucking down ginger ale and peppermints. I may try hypnosis next. Hopefully I don't come out quacking like a duck every time someone sneezes or something!
  • Isn't it great the drug cocktails we get for cancer and the side effects? *rolls eyes* Currently I have 5 different specific times a day I have to take certain drugs... Plus whenever I need pain or nausea medication. I'm on Dabrafenib for treatment then levothyroxine, omeprazole, prednisone, docusate or Miralax, Tylenol, dilaudid, and Zofran as needed (I have compazine but I find the Zofran is better, Reglan gives me diarrhea and Ativan works like magic but I can't remember a thing which I hate). The doc offered me Zoloft recently for hot flushes but I'm trying just using fans since mine seem mild and I'm afraid to upset what tentative balance I have. Before cancer I used to never take anything - not even ibuprofen or Tylenol I didn't like pills. Now I take whatever needed for treatment plus whatever I need to sleep and not be completely miserable if at all possible lol. Hypnosis sounds interesting, likely wouldn't hurt to try ;) I leave the TV on at night to keep my brain from wandering when I fall asleep, but fortunately during the day I'm usually ok.