18 y/o on Hospice wants a first kiss


So I am new here but I was told by a support line that this might be a place to start. I have a friend whose 18 year old son is now a few months into hospice with brain cancer. He seems to be holding on for something and after talking with him he admitted he did not want to go without having a first kiss. Unfortunately with the turns his battle has taken him on he is pretty alienated in our community (has not been to school in years, has lost most of the friends in his support groups, most current friends are much older) and I'm not sure who to ask. My friend had reached out to a girl he liked in high school but she was not interested. We are in Missouri. My friend has obviously been so busy with his care and trying to keep her life in order that I told her I would do my best to try and solve this. She is worried this might be too odd of a thing to ask for help on, but as a last wish I feel it certainly won't hurt to see what help or suggestions we can get. He is a great guy and I want his last days to be as full as we can make them. We don't want him to go, but his health has deteriorated greatly and my friend doesn't want him to suffer anymore. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would certainly appreciate any help!


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    I think what you're doing for your friend and her son is really great. I think using this site and the discussion board is a great place to start. I don't have many suggestions and I don't know how public you want to make this but you could possibly reach out to your local news? Or maybe there's a community board on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc where you could post and generate local interest? I'm sorry if none of this is helpful but you, your friend, and son will be in my thoughts and I'm sending you all good vibes and good luck!