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Best Worst Cancer Lines



  • ciorancioran Community Member
    Carnoch;7939 said:
    I just had to join and say the worse and most objectionable phrase I've ever heard is "Stupid Cancer." It should be banned. Cancer is a lot of things to many people, but that phrase make me cringe big time, I hate it! :mad:
    I think it beats "awesomecancer" as a site name.

    I hate how people have transformative and inspirational stories chicken soup stories about the miracle of cancer and stuff like that. It changed my life, too. Now I vomit for the better half of a week after chemo. I also get to piss neon pink after doxyrubicin.
  • CarnochCarnoch Community Member
    cioran;8071 said:
    I think it beats "awesomecancer" as a site name.

    I hate how people have transformative and inspirational stories chicken soup stories about the miracle of cancer and stuff like that. It changed my life, too. Now I vomit for the better half of a week after chemo. I also get to piss neon pink after doxyrubicin.
    That's taking things to the extreme! Don't make it personal, don't call it anything.

    Cancer didn't pick you or I, its just misfortune, not personal. Hope you're feeling better. I lost 3 stone, night sweats etc. I was in hospital 4 months, 250 Chemo or related treatments, 15 interthecals, 2 bone biopsies, more blood and and platelets than you could shake a stick at.
  • Honestly my favorite are all of the "You're so young." like I didn't know that when I got cancer at 26. my gi dr didn't want to tell me, but she said that "you were so positive, it made it easier on me." well I was so glad I could make things easier for you. lol
  • phvg2000phvg2000 Community Member
    When I was in/recovering from treatment I invested in fun wigs to wear out and about. At places where they they checked ID's I tended to get a double take. When I had my "no mo' chemo" party I ran to the liquor store in my rainbow wig and the lady at the counter kept staring at my ID. I smiled and assured her that it was me under the which she responded I shouldn't be in a liquor store in a wig like that! I smiled again and told her that if I took my wig off I would look even less like my ID photo due to losing my hair to chemo. She looked horrified and stammered out "Oh...are you better now?" I smiled and told her, "Yep, that's why I'm buying the liquor!!!" :cool:
  • I just joined and soooo many of these best worse cancer lines resonate with me! Most of the time I keep my mouth shut when I hear these lines from people. I'd rather absolve ignorance than get annoyed and upset, y'know?

    In no particular order, my favorites:
    "Well, at least they caught it early." They didn't, just because I'm young doesn't mean they caught it early. But hopefully they caught it IN TIME y'know.

    "My mom had breast cancer too." Tis true, I am a woman and I have cancer...doesn't mean it's breast cancer. No offense to those that do have breast cancer... Much love on that but I've gotten this a lot.

    "It'd sure be great if you could beat this, than I could say I know a survivor." Thanks? I think?
  • I hate hearing "you're strong, you can beat this" implying if I don't I'm weak. No weakling could handle chemo and radiation and until you've been there you don't truly realize how bad it is.

    Or "Cervical Cancer- that's highly curable"...yeah it is when it's caught early. Mine is a stage 3b, which has a 32% survival rate to 5 years. I am not a statistic and I will fight, but really...please don't minimize the hell I have to go through.

    "you don't deserve this" crap, no one deserves this. I wouldn't wish cancer on my worst enemy. I have already buried a child who had a brain tumor diagnosed at 8 months old and took her life at 20 months old.
  • "Thank god you dont have any children" WOW that was harsh and ignorant
  • I had a surprising one the other day... One of my best friends (who is sort of depressive, but still), said he wished he was sick so he could have a new outlook on life... Thought that getting cancer would give him a stronger will to live. I answered he had no idea what he was wishing for but I was so stunned, I could not believe he seriously said that.
  • With regards to NHL... "Oh, that's the one that all the celebrities get! That's a good one. You will be fine, they get that all the time!" ...dafuq?
  • KatMillicent;8609 said:
    [...]they get that all the time!
    LOL, something about this one just makes me laugh.... They get that all the time! Just like a cold! Oh gosh... It's weird the things that make me laugh now.
  • My absolute favorite worst line so far was from a student of mine (he meant well but it came out completely and totally wrong).

    "You had cancer? That's AWESOME!"
  • nellie967nellie967 Community Member
    I'm recently diagnosed with something very rare. And my roommate/ best friend says to me "well you don't have real cancer."
  • I have brain cancer, and a friend of my brother said, "oh you must be brain damaged or retarded then." :I
  • One of the worse lines I heard someone say to my 24 year old son who had lost all his hair--He was seeing a new oncologist who walked into the exam room and greeted him with "Hello Baldy!"

    My son deals with his treatments very well, never complaining. But he IS very sensitive about being bald, so I knew this insensitive comment bothered him.  I immediately complained to staff (I know I should have spoken the doctor) saying "He is an Oncologist! Where is the sensitivity? Why does he think he is being cool or funny? Is this how he talks to all the little old ladies in here?"
  • I think the funniest was when I told a guy I was a transplant survivor and they are like I guess it's good your still alive
  • How about "its only skin cancer" Everyone will get that some day. Yup, I'm pretty sure all 43 year Olds will get this some day! Whatever!!!! So frustrating. Skin cancer is still cancer!
  • Picture it! New Jersey, 2010. I'm finally home after spending 2 weeks in the hospital. I had emergency heart surgery, found out I had lymphoma and started chemo.

    I'm in bed and farting around on Facebook. A friend, Robert, messages me. Our families have been friends for many years and he comes from a long line of idiots. 

    I bring him up to speed with what's happening with me. I ask him how he's doing and he begins to recount the problems between him and his girlfriend. He says, "Oh kid, you have no idea what it's like to have problems."

    I start cracking up because it's just so insulting and self absorbed to be hilarious. He then comes by my place and offers to take me out for lunch. I'm kinda picking at my food and telling him that I'm really scared because while my prognosis is good, there's the whole "oh this chemo is really strong and may end up killing you." 

    He then looks me square in the eye and says, "Is this all you can talk about? Tell me what's going on in your life that's not cancer." I say, "dude. I spent thirteen nights and twelve days in the hospital. Most of that in the ICU passed out. There's nothing else going on." 

    Our waitress overhears this and shoots him the most horrified look ever. I catch it and start laughing hysterically again. 

    My parents were friends with his grandparents. My mom wasn't surprised when I told her the story. 
  • I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and was one of the few young patients at the cancer center I went to.  They have some volunteer chaplains that come in and spend time with the patients while they're on chemo.  I was feeling slightly worse than normal one day and one of them came up to me and told me the usual "Well at least you have the good kind and since you're young you'll be fine."  If I had the strength I would have decked the lady.


  • SarahJaySarahJay Community Member
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    I had stage iv hodgkin's - "That's baby cancer".  

    I also hate when people tell me how strong I am or how I'm an inspiration to them or how they could never do what I did.  
  • Oh, and somebody in college who I was forced to do a group project or two with...i can't remember the exact context, but something like "my brother caught cancer..." while looking somewhat fearfully at me.  You don't "catch" cancer, twathead.  How the heck this lady (who was older than most college students but only by about a decade and not old enough to be one of those people whose generation misunderstands cancer THIS badly) get through a major that is almost inevitably going to lead to a career in a medical setting?!
  • My best insult was from friends who said " you are so lucky you'll get perky new boobs that will never sag!' or as others have said so and so died of breast cancer (after much pain and suffering). I REALLY don't want to hear that!
  • I once had someone tell me they "understood" how I felt after being hospitalized for over a month with tons of out-patient visits, because they'd had pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for a week.  They were young so I didn't hold it against them, but I've never understood when people try to one-up your troubles. 
  • I got diagnosed with cancer when I was 14 years old. My mother was never in my life before that. Her and my 12 year old sister came up and saw me. My sister told me her pastor told her not to come too close to me because cancer was contagious.
  • ktpalermoktpalermo Community Member
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    Being 15 and three years out of remission, you can say I've heard it all

    "You're the girl with leukemia right? Gee it must really suck to be you!"

    "Do you like being bald?"

    "I wish I had cancer. Teens with cancer get so much special attention and don't have to anything. They don't fight cancer. The doctors do. Your only job is to let the nurses give you chemo. Yeah you throw up but other diseases make you throw up. You get so much"

    *in addition to mine, i forgot one, 
    "Other than getting sick from chemo and losing your hair, what's so bad about having cancer?"

  • Someone once tried to use a pick line on me, a disturbing one.

    Him : "I will F*** you harder than cancer F***ed you. 

    My response to that was , Cancer didn't F*** me nor did it F*** me hard, so technically if you think your going to  "F*** me harder than cancer, your wrong, and I won't feel a thing. 
  • I had been going to the doctors for various things for about a year. I had back pain, and a rash, and I was always tired and sick. I even cut out gluten thinking I had an food allergy. Luckily, my Mom works in cytology/histology and pushed for a fine needle biopsy. When I got back to work, a coworker asked how my doctors appointment went this time. I told her I had Lymphoma, to which she responded "It's always something with you, isn't it?"
  • Dumbest comment.....was "omg if my hair would come back that thick and curly I would do chemo".....
  • Most stupid thing I heard after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and headed for surgery was, "Good thing you have one of the lesser cancers"  Really?  Really?
  • PhantomStarPhantomStar Community Member
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    ^ like   there is such thing  as lesser cancer. 

    I remember  when I was doing full time chemo and radiation at upstate medical university (hospital in my state)....I was  losing hair and wearing  a  bandana to cover it.    I noticed a bunch of the nurses wearing weird hats. One of the nurses came over and asked my mother.  "oh, is she wearing a hat because its funny hat day?"  And my mother answer,ed "No she is wearing a hat because she is LOSING HAIR.  The nurse was like "Oh my god!" . She  scuttled off and we didn't see her often after that lol.

    Wait a sec. You work in a CANCER TREATMENT CENTRE, you see  a patient undergoing  both RADIATION  and TEMMEDAR, wearing a tight banana, and your first thought  is , "because its FUNNY HAT DAY????? One of the reasons why we    switched to another, smaller hospital.