Weirdest thing you did during treatment to feel "normal"

1st - When I was diagnosed in April 2005, I was taking two graduate classes toward my Education Master's. I had to be hospitalized, but I insisted on having my mom pick up notes from a friend in my class, asked the professors for work I could do from my hospital room, and actually tried to make the final in between my two months of inpatient treatment. (Both professors just wound up giving me a B for the classes without finishing the work or taking the final.) My only two non-A grades :-(

In order to do some of the work on the computer, I would have to drag my IV pole to the public computer lounge in the hospital with a mask over my face. I could only work for about 30 minutes before I would have to run back to my room to use the bathroom since I was so pumped with fluids.

But I think back and wonder why I insisted on trying to finish all that instead of taking a temporary incomplete.

2nd - My husband's birthday was about 3 weeks after my admittance to the hospital. I insisted on my family coming to my room with a birthday cake and candles so we wouldn't miss his birthday.

What's the most random, or weirdest, or silliest thing you did to keep some semblance of normalcy during treatment?


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  • I went to a huge house party two days after getting my staples removed from my Hyst. This guy was really wasted and tried to dance up on me from the front, and I crept back from him saying, "No, no....get back" but he wasn't stopping. Actually a bunch of my friends started yelling at him to step away from me, trying to keep me from getting hurt. I finally had to whip up my shirt and pull down the front of my pants to show EVERYONE my scar and yell, "Dude, I just had surgery....back the F*** UP!" He stopped, ****ed his head and said, " worries." and walked away! It was so strange. Then, I ran into him at the person who threw the party's wedding, and he was like, "Dude, didn't you flash me once?" And I said, "Yeah, my cancer scar." He was totally embarrassed, but at least we could laugh about it in the end. It was totally worth going to that party, because it was the first time I felt like a normal 22 year old person after surgery.
  • CareyCarey Community Member
    I went skiing with my wife, brother, and his fiancee for 3 days. A month later I was be loaded onto a medevac and flown to the hospital. I spent the next 3 months in the hospital. I got married 5 months after that. My wife and I had met long before I got sick so it's not like I met some floozy or a nurse and got married. It would make for a better story though.
  • Ldr12Ldr12 Community Member
    I went to a concert the day I was discharged from brain surgery. I mean, I was told to just take it easy, and it was covered plus I had a neck brace since it was at the back of my skull. What a dummy I was. I paid for it so hard, but I don't regret it. That's the best memory I have from my first diagnosis.
  • I went on a road trip with one of my best friends. It was awesome!
  • DMMDMM Community Member
    I flew down to NC (was living in NJ at the time) in Feb 2010 during my week off from chemo to check out apartments because I decided I was moving to NC, two weeks after I finished chemo. Come April, I got a trailer hitched up to my car and a few of my friends loaded whatever boxes or furniture that would fit into the trailer. Whatever didn't fit, was left in my friend's mother's garage, told her she can do whatever she wanted with what I didn't take. Then my friend drove us straight through to my new apartment in NC. That didn't necessarily make me feel normal (still trying to figure out what normal means! lol) but it definitely was one of the weirdest or craziest things I did in my life. I blame the chemo! ;)
  • Q4lifeQ4life Community Member
    I hopped on a plane & went to France for a few weeks & told two people I was sick.